Friday, September 13, 2013


My bib is pinned, my chip is laced in place. My socks are tucked neatly in my shoes. My breakfast is beside the stove waiting to be prepared. Phone is charging, my earphones are with my keys and wallet. I read through the runner's program one last time. My wife is cleared to leave work at 0600, 90 minutes early. Now I'm laying in bed visualizing the course, and me successfully running it.

I don't think I can be more prepared, but I'm still nervous.

My loose plan is to force myself to run the first 10 minutes at an 11:30 pace, then allow myself to run the next 10 at 11:00. Then depending how I'm feeling I plan to advance to 10:30 for the next 5, and then push myself progressively faster to at least my fast interval pace of 9:40 by the finish. The last 75 feet or so of the course is a nice little downhill into the finish line, so I hope to have a little gas left to come in looking good.

I would love to be under 33 minutes, but I'll gladly take a simple "finish" as a big ole "W".

Going to try to sleep now.

Oh yeah.

Alarm set.