Monday, September 2, 2013

Mama said there'd be days like this.

I set my alarm for 5 am this morning to run. It went off to the tune of thunder and flashes of lightning, so I reset it for 6. When it went off again I just turned it off. At 8:30 I finally dragged myself out of bed, but it was time to head out to grandma's house to retrieve our children. On a whim I stuck my shoes and a pair of shorts in the car, just in case.

By the time we arrived at grandma's house, the sun still hadn't come out from behind the morning rain clouds, so I laced up and headed out.

I was running along a Farm to Market road out in the country.  While there was relatively little traffic, what traffic there was was barreling along at 60 mph on a narrow road with no shoulders.

I was a tad anxious I'd soon become a Texas hood ornament.

I couldn't get settled into a pace, and every time I looked down I was running 9 minute miles--way faster than I could sustain for very long.

The morning rains had served to create stifling humidity, and the temp had risen into the 80s.

My trip outbound went fairly well, although it had a few more hills than I was used to. When I turned around and started back though, I realized the breath of a breeze I'd been enjoying would now be at my back, and no longer discernable.

At about 2 miles, I ended up walking for a bit, and tried a few times to restart before it finally stuck.

I managed to finish 5k, and stay under a 12 min pace, barely...

I know not every workout can be amazing, so I'm hoping today was the day for a bad workout for me.