Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clothing for the Budget Runner

I wish I could afford the elite clothing that's out there.  It looks cool and I'm sure it's awesome, but right now I spend my money where the rubber meets the road--on shoes.  Paying a premium for the right shoes leaves precious little in the budget for clothing.

Having rubbed all the skin off my nipples on countless occasions running in cotton t-shirts, and worn Swiss cheese holes in my thighs from chafing, running specific garments are clearly in order.

So what's a money strapped Clydesdale to do?

Enter C9 by Champion.

If you want basic running clothes that hold up well, perform well, and don't get in the way when you're running--but you're on a budget like I am, then you're probably already familiar with C9 by Champion.  So likely I'm preaching to the choir out there.

That being said, today Sunday 1/19/14, is offering 40% off C9 clothing.  Just use the promo code "GETFIT" at check out.

By using that code, (and my wife's RedCard debit card discounts) I got 2 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, and 2 pair of running shorts for just over $50.  That's less than $10 a piece, and 6 pieces for the cost of a single elite garment by the most popular brands.

Anyway, thought I'd pass on the good fortune.